Listen Daily to Podcasts in English

Stop focusing on language learning and simply enjoy your fluency level with daily podcasts

If you want to listen to more English, and you’re tired of “lessons”, it’s time to diversify your listening content.

For years language learners have been told that podcasts are a great way to improve listening. And I agree, don’t need to listen to educational podcasts to get results.

So often we get stuck in the ‘learning mode’ in language development and forget to spend time simply enjoying being multi-lingual.

I’ve found some wonderful podcasts that release a new episode every day.

Add these to your podcast subscriptions and easily increase your language and listening skills while not focusing on ‘learning.’

A Daily Joke

Need some humor to start off your day? Netflix is A Daily Joke has a joke a day from comedians. They usually last 5-15 minutes. But be warned, some are rated R and not great for children. Probably don’t listen to this podcast at the breakfast table.

A Daily News Update

Keeping up with the news can get overwhelming, especially if you want to know what’s happening worldwide. The Global News Podcast from BBC World Service delivers daily episodes with the biggest news stories. Episodes are usually less than 30 minutes. On weekdays they publish two episodes a day and on weekends there's one new episode a day.

With many interviews and commentators, you will get exposure to a variety of accents.

A Daily Poem

The Academy of American Poets publishes the Poem-a-day podcast. Each episode is one poem, chosen by a new editor each month. This podcast features new poems by poets of today. In the episode, you’ll hear the poem read by the author. Hearing the author’s voice creates a unique connection to their words.

Don’t get discouraged if you are unable to catch every word. Poems are reading in a rhythm that’s unlike a regular conversation. Even if you miss some words it’s still a beneficial and uplifting daily listen.

A Daily TED Talk

If you are anything like me, you love TED talks and can spend way too much time scrolling through trying to find the best one to watch. I love the podcast TED Talks Daily because it makes the choice for me. Each episode features one TED talk and is usually between 10- 20 minutes. It's a marvelous way to listen to a variety of talks, and ones you might have never chosen for yourself but end up loving.

A Daily Discovery

Curiosity Daily is a fun podcast with research-based life hacks. I love this podcast because the topics are so random and I never know what to expect.

Each episode covers a few different topics and is less than 10 minutes.

Learning to speak English fluently and clearly in cross-cultural situations is a life-long journey.

There’s no point in spending all your time studying. Listening to something enjoyable is extremely beneficial to maintaining motivation and a daily podcast habit is a lovely way to work passive listening into your routine.

I'd love to hear from you, how do you take time to enjoy your English fluency?

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