5 Easy Ways to Experience Other Cultures (even when you’re stuck at home)

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Whether you plan to travel in the future, or could only dream of it, here are 5 ways to experience other cultures today

Growing up I always felt like an outsider because I loved learning about the world, and frankly, everyone around me was content to never leave home. I didn’t grow up with the privilege to travel like so many other Americans.

My first time on a plane was when I was 23 from the USA to Edinburgh, Scotland. No one in my family had ever left the country, we’d rarely left our home state. I felt like I was exploring a whole new world. It would be another decade until I traveled to a non-English speaking country and that was a real culture shock.

Most people don’t have the money or time to travel. And with the pandemic stretching over a year, it could be a while until travel is a reasonable, safe option.

Cook up something different

One of the best ways to experience another culture is through the cuisine. By learning more about local foods you gain insights into the history, geography, and agriculture of an area. Plus I think it’s really enjoyable to learn comfort foods