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Women Who Speak English as a Foreign Language

The Only Social Community for

English Development

Judgement-free attitudes

Female Empowerment

Cross-Cultural Conversations

Reclaim the

Power of Your Voice

Women around the world are connecting

and talking freely in English,

without men and native speakers

controlling the conversation

Discover the freedom that comes with

a community of open-minded women

eager to hear what you have to say

You’ll forget about any language barriers because you are eager to know what other women think, and of course, you want to share your experience with them.




Friends Talking Outside

Have you ever thought...

I'm tired of staying quiet when I have something I really want to say

It's annoying when native speakers point out every tiny mistake

Everyone seems so much more confident and fluent than me

No one else seems to worry about their accent

I'm not even sure whether people can understand my pronunciation

I feel guilty making people work to understand me

If my English was better I could express myself more easily

I want to join a women’s group but I’m nervous I won’t fit in

If you have, then you already know how difficult it can be for women to find a place to speak freely, without judgment, intimidation, and interruptions

Are you ready for something different?