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Why Let Your English Level Stop You?

The English Sisterhood Helps Women

Feel comfortable speaking in groups

Understand cultural impacts of language

Build habits to improve English fluency

Never feel intimated by native English speakers

Happy Women

Inna, Ukraine

I've realized so many other women feel the same I do and have the same worries. I used to think people couldn't understand my pronunciation, but now I know I can have conversations with people easily.

Nesli, Turkey

I speak English, German, and Turkish. My language adventures are sometimes very stressful. I have met a lot of amazing women and we have real conversations online. Before The English Sisterhood, I felt stuck a lot of times. Today, I have a lot of confidence and encouragement.

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Practical Advice for

Women Speaking English

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Well, hello there

I'm Sarah, founder of The English Sisterhood

With years of experience teaching English conversation, and having spent time as a solo traveler, I've met amazing, inspiring women around the world.


English is a wonderful resource to communicate with people from other countries. But learning the vocabulary and grammar is just the start.

An understanding and appreciation of cross-cultural communication skills is vital to having authentic English conversations.

Now, my focus is helping women find their voice in English, stop letting native speakers dominate the conversation, and have the confidence to say what they really think.

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The Inner Circle

Exclusive virtual events designed to use English naturally, with no stress

Weekly group discussions with optional feedback to improve your English and communication skills

Connect with women, just like you, who crave interaction and absolutely love learning about the world

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You’ll forget about any language barriers because you are eager to know what other women think, and of course, you want to share your experience with them.

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Since I’ve met so many different women the biggest relief was discovering they have the same worries. The fact the everyone wanted to improve and you could see them improving from day 1.